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Chalice Springfield at a white paper flip chart presenting information to a client

Training & Speaking

Need to strengthen relationships amongst your team? Need someone to speak at your next team meeting or training? I can create a customized session to engage & inspire your attendees. I can help!


With over 70 topics already developed, there is sure to be something to meet the needs of your team. I can also work with you to create a custom session.

Sample topics include

  • Goal Setting, Vision Board and Bucket Lists

  • Raising the Bar

  • Quieting the Hamster in Your Head (Self-Talk)

  • Marketing to 100 People with $100

  • Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

  • Clear is Kind--Difficult Conversations and Communication

  • Throw Your Net Wider—Increasing Leads In Your Pipeline

  • Understanding and Deciphering Real Estate Stats

  • Supersize Your Dreams

  • Understanding Your Inner Mentor and Inner Critic

  • Positive and Motivational Thinking

  • Secrets of Success

  • Win the Week—Why a “Meeting with Yourself” is Important

  • Tools for Implementing Your Goals

  • Real Tips for How to Say No and Decrease Stress

  • Positive Snowball Effect (Self-Care)

  • Push vs. Pull—Attracting What Your Want vs. Forcing It

  • Grow Up—Taking Responsibility!

  • Delivering an Effective Elevator Speech/Networking 101

  • Greatest Gifts on the Planet

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