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Chalice Springfield walking along an outdoor downtown walk talking to a client


Personal 1:1 & Corporate Coaching

Is coaching right for me?

Have you thought about hiring a life or business coach but are unsure about what it might entail or who to choose to be your coach?


Scheduling an initial 1 hour session can help you answer your questions, see if we are the right fit, and understand how coaching might help you in your life.  Fill out the form and we'll be in touch to schedule a session.

Sesson Request

Request a session!

Which Coaching Session Are You Seeking?

Thanks for your interest! We'll be in touch soon!

What to bring to a coaching session?

  • Feelings about… 

    • self/others

    • health

    • work/career

    • finances

    • life/meaning

    • attitudes/habits

    • a recent experience

  • Areas to get help…

    • stuck

    • challenges

    • missing/would like

    • patterns/habits

    • unsure about/confused

    • areas and worry

    • focus/motivation

  • Positive events…

    • achievements

    • changes

    • insights

    • happiness/joy

  • Other events…

    • disappointments

    • decisions

    • concerns​​

  • Future events…

    • plans/commitments

    • visits/meetings

    • goals/actions

    • strategies to get there

Benefits of Coaching

  • Increase confidence and skills.

  • Ability to make significant changes & better deal with uncertainty.

  • Increase self-awareness and awareness of others.

  • Simplify life and reduce stress.

  • Increase individual performance.

  • Set better goals and reach them faster.

  • Make a bigger impact on the world.

  • Improve relationships.

Personal 1:1 Coaching

Personal 1:1 life or business coaching can be transformational in life.  


Some of the benefits coaching can provide:

  • An opportunity to provide you with a source to receive honest feedback.

  • An opportunity for you to be challenged on your approach and thought processes.

  • An opportunity for someone who is free of internal agendas to spot patterns in how you relate to yourself and others in the organization.

  • An opportunity to learn on the job by practice coaching or application of new behaviors and skills.

  • An objective observer that can help you take action.

  • A person who can assist you in creating accountability tools and help you to follow-through on your goals.

1:1 coaching appointments are typically 1 hour in length and occur 1x/month, 2x/month, weekly or quarterly.  If you'd like to apply to be part of Unstoppable Curiosity's coaching program, fill out the application and we'll be in touch!

Corporate Coaching

Coaching is a collaborative partnership that connects at the deep personal level of beliefs, values and vision.  Coaching is a generative, ever-evolving relationship designed in an intentional process focused on conversations that create an environment that result in individual growth, purposeful action and sustained improvement.


Coaching is different from most interactions in that it is one of partnership and co-creation.  We seek to assist you in being “green and growing” not “ripe and rotten” understanding you may need to embrace being uncomfortable so as to step powerfully out of the status quo.  We believe your highest expression and self are already present and always possible in all areas of your life.  We desire to partner with you to engage in transforming your life so that you experience joy, happiness, power, full self-expression and success.  Coaching is a way of being of service to others and we consider it a privilege to be in a coaching relationship with you.

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